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350 sqm


Karaburun House is designed as a semi-detached house for two families on a 5800 sqm land in Izmir.Each house is designed to have a private terrace facing the mountain.

Karaburun House_001.jpg
Karaburun House_Plan.png

Karaburun House is surrounded by endless fields of olive trees and overlooks the sea from the foot of the mountain.

A gradation between the spaces is created to allow all rooms to benefit from natural light throughout the day. The movement in the plan prevented the rooms from seeing each other and created private spaces for each family.

Karaburun House_007.jpg
Karaburun House_002.jpg
Karaburun House_003.jpg
Karaburun House_005.jpg

Each residence in Karaburun House consists of two bedrooms and one living room located within 90 sqm. The high-ceilinged living room forms the core of the house. The open kitchen increases the sense of depth in the living room.

Karaburun House_008.jpg
Karaburun House_006.jpg
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